What We Offer

Produce Baskets With Local Delivery
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Grown in Ontario produce baskets 
Available in 3 sizes
Mini 6 Items (Half Size), Small 6 Items & Medium 8 Items

Retail Price List
We have lots of products available for individual retail at anytime, here’s our full product list.
Please note: depending on the season not all products are available all the time.
ground 1lb pack $8/lb
Stew 1lb pack $12/lb
Roasts $11/lb average 3-4lbs
Sirloin, sirloin tip, blade, rump, round, short rib, brisket
Prime Rib Roasts $13/lb
Steaks $11/lb
Sirloin, Sirloin tip, Short ribs average 1lb
Cross Rib Steak $9/lb
Flank Steak $13
Tenderloin Steaks $21.99/lb
Rib eye $16.99lb
Striploin $18.99lb
Tbone $17.99lb
12 pk Burgers 5oz no fillers $40
Whole $5.25lb average 6-7lbs
Breast $9.50/lb average 1.5lb (single)
Wings $8.75 average 1lb (8pc)
Thighs $5.50lb 1.5-2lb (2pc)
Drumsticks $5.50 lb (4pc)
Ground $6.49lb (1lb average)
Boneless Thigh $10/lb (4pc, 1.5-2lb average)
Chicken Burgers 4pk $16
Boneless Breast 13.99//lb each 
Bone in Thigh $7.99/lb
Drumsticks $7.99/lb (2pk) 
Ground $9.99/lb
Whole Turkey $5.50lb
( Fresh Thanksgiving & Christmas)
Whole $5.75 lb 5-8lb average
Breast $14.99lb 2lbs
Legs $7.99 1.5lbs
Ground $14lb 1lb pack
$17/lb Stew, Loin Chops, Shanks,
$15/lb bone in leg,
$19lb boneless leg
$27/lb rack (full 2lb)
$20 pkg Burgers 4 pc
$5.50 dozen

 SOLD OUT for October to January
We run a 4 month based subscription 3 times per year
Feburary to May, June to September ,October to January
With 3 sizes of boxes depending on your needs. Cuts are your choice so you get what you want, and what your family eats.
Contain a mix of Beef, chicken, duck, and eggs
Or sign up for our NEW! Chicken Only boxes available in 3 sizes.