About Us

How did it all start you might ask? Well you know the saying it only starts with 1....
Back in the fall of 2015 we decided to get our very first Ayshire calf to raise for meat for our families freezer. We felt bad for the little guy so we ended up with a second, and then it kind of snowballed from there ( Ever so quickly I might add) We started selling sides of beef ,then added some chickens for eggs, chickens for meat, ducks for meat, turkeys for meat and finally a few lambs. ( Talking about having a funny farm) Our business grew from selling sides of beef to making a shift to selling at farmers markets, and on farm retail pick ups. We finally added our Monthly meat boxes back in 2018 which has been growing rapidly ever since. In the Spring of 2022 we decided to open our own first retail location, and by fall we moved again as we already out grew our space. 
We are proud to grow the food that feeds your families. Thank you for supporting local farmers.